MPhil program in Education started in 2002 while the PhD program started in 2000 with one PhD faculty member. Today it has 7 PhD faculty members including 3 HEC approved supervisors, one Post Doc from France and 02 recipients of HEC Best Teachers’ Award. The department issues its research journal, ‘

Programs Offered

o MPhil
o PhD

Program Requirements

• Students with BS or Masters in Education / EPM or having 16 years of schooling from an HEC recognized institution are eligible for admission in MPhil. PhD is a 4-7 year program. Students with MS / MPhil in Education / EPM or having 18 years of schooling from HEC recognized university are eligible for admission in PhD

Areas of Research

• Paradigm of Education
• Philosophy of Education
• Educational Psychology
• Curriculum Development


Dr. Allah Bakhsh Malik (HEC approved; HEC Best Teachers’ Award) Head
Dr. Sufiana Khatooon (HEC approved; Post Doc; HEC Best Teacher’s award)
Dr. Hukum Dad Malik (HEC approved)
Dr. Mariam Din
Dr. Shazia Zamir
Dr. Khushbakht Hina
Dr. Saira Nudrat
Dr. Qurat-ul-AinHina