MPhil program in English Linguistics and Literature started in 2001 while the PhD program started in 2000 as a combined program for the two sub disciplines. Later on it was bifurcated into two distinct sub disciplines. Initially there were three PhD faculty members. Today it has 11 PhD faculty members including one holding Post Doc from USA and also HEC Best Teachers’ Award. There are a total of 20 MPhil faculty members. The department issues its HEC approved journal, Journal of Critical Inquiry which is multidisciplinary – English and Education. It has a strong academic partnership with University of North Texas, USA.

Programs Offered

• MPhil - English Linguistics.
• MPhil - English Literature.
• PhD - English Linguistics.
• PhD - English Literature.

Program Requirements

• Students with BS or Masters in English Linguistics / Literature or having 16 years of schooling from an HEC recognized institution are eligible for admission in MPhil. Students with MS / MPhil in English Linguistics / Literature or having 18 years of schooling from HEC recognized university are eligible for admission in PhD.

Areas of Research (Linguistics)

• Stylistics
• Gender Studies
• Contrastive Linguistics
• Socio-linguistics
• Cognitive Linguistics
• Psycholinguistics
• General and Applied Linguistics

Areas of research (Literature)

• Post Colonial Literature
• Afro-American Literature
• South Asian Literature
• American Literature
• American-Indian Literature
• Latin-American Literature
• Translation Studies
• Shakespeare Studies
• British Literature


Dr. Muhammad Saeed Sheikh Head
Dr. Shaheena Ayub Bhatti (Post Doc; HEC Best Teachers’ Award)
Dr. Nighat Sultana
Dr. Naz Khan
Dr. Mian Khurram Shahzad Azam
Dr. Farheen Ahmad Hashmi
Dr. Muhammad Uzair
Dr. Nighat Ahmad
Dr. Hazrat Umer
Dr. Arshad Mehmood
Dr. Jamil Asghar
Mr. Habib-ur-Rehman
Ms. Uzma Ahmad
Ms. Shehr Bano Zaidi
Mr. Muntazir Mehdi
Ms. Attiya Younus
Ms. Sana Tariq
Mr. Niaz Khan
Mr. Ijaz Mirza
Mr. Adnan Rashid
Mr. Athar Rashid Mr. Khurram Shahzad
Ms. Bushra Khan
Ms. Sumaira Ashraf
Ms. Javaria Ashfaq
Ms. Saima Hassan
Ms. Ayesha Waqar
Ms. Amina Ghazanfar
Mr. Arshad Ali
Ms. Hadeeqa Sarwar
Mr. Muhammad Yousuf