Green and Sustainable Software Engineering

14 Oct, 2021
Description of Research:

Modern software intensive systems are part of industrialized society. The central goal of software engineering is to build and maintain high-quality software systems that meet customers’ or end-user needs. However, software engineers should not only concern to satisfy their requirements and project restrictions (budget, schedule). They must also consider well known quality attributes, for instance, performance, maintainability, security, reliability. Green and sustainable software engineering is an emerging trend within the software industry and is a rapidly growing research area. In the software engineering field, the topic has received increasing attention in recent years with several studies addressing a range of concerns. The research group aims to contribute to green and sustainable software engineering, produce practical software engineering solutions for industry, improving the productivity of the software development team, and ensuring the long-term reliability of software systems. The included research areas are as follows.

Focused Areas:


Software Quality Engineering

Lean Software Development

Situational Software Engineering

Knowledge Management in Software Engineering


Research Group Leaders: 

Dr. Sumaira Nazir

Dr. Nargis Fatima