BS International Relations


International Relations is an inter-departmental multi-disciplinary program that aims at addressing key global challanges/issues and approaches to politics. The program aims at offering you a sophisticated understanding of IR, both as a subject of academic studies and to pursue career goals. You will be able to develop the ability to handle a variety of methods to analyse complex national and global issues in a scientific manner.




  • BS Level
  • Both Shift
  • 8 Semester(s)
  • 4 years Year(s)
  • 136 Cr.
Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate with 45% marks OR A-Level with 50% marks OR Equivalent 


Code Name Credit Hours
IREN-101 English-I (Grammar and Composition)  3
IRPD-111 Personal Development and Management  3
IRMT-103 Basic Mathematics 3
IRIR-221 Introduction to International Relations 3
IRPS-102 Pakistan Studies 3
IRPS-222 Introduction to Political Science 3
IREN-104 English-II (Comprehension, Reading and Prose)   3
IRIS-105 Islamic Studies / Ethics 3
IRST-106 Statistics 3
IRGE-112 Introduction to Geography 3
IREC-113 Introduction to Economics 3
IRTH-223 Theories of International Relations 3
IREN-201 English-III (Novel, Poetry and Drama) 3
IRCS-202 Introduction to Computer Skills 3
IRFL-114 French Language 3
IRIN-224 International Relations: 1648-1945 3
IREP-115 Entrepreneurship in Social Sciences 3
IRFA-342 Foreign Policy Analysis 3
IREN-203 English-IV (Communication and Writing Skills) 3
IRMC-116 Introduction to Mass Communication 3
IRES-117 Introduction to Every Day Science 3
IRSS-461 Introduction to Security Studies 3
IRPH-118 Introduction to Political Philosophy 3
IRFP-342 Foreign Policy of Pakistan 3
IRIS-225 International Relations Since 1945 3
IRCA-462 International Politics of Central Asia 3
IRIO-226 Regional and International Organizations 3
IRAP-463 Politics of Asia-Pacific 3
IRIL-227 Public International Law 3
IRRM-228 Research Methodology 3
IRDP-344 Diplomacy 3
IRDS-345 Defense and Strategic Studies 3
IRME-464 Politics of Middle East 3
IRSA-465 Politics of South Asia 3
IRBC-466 BRI, CPEC & Regional Development 3
IRMP-347 Foreign Policy of Major Powers [USA, RUSSIA, CHINA] 3
IREV-348 International Politics of Environment 3
IRSE-467 Politics of Sea 3
IRPE-349 International Political Economy 3
IRET-468 Extremism, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism 3
IREU-469 The European Union as an Actor in South Asia 3
IRTS-470 Non Traditional Security Threats       3
IRCM-350 Conflict Management and Resolution 3
IRRP-351 Research Paper 3