Certificate in Specialized Translation

Certificate in Specialized Translation is an elementary course for the beginners who wish to improve their language and communication skills in a language pair, of their choice or interest. Many of them may take up this course to opt translation and interpretation as a career in future. The prospective students may choose this program for capacity building to succeed in cross cultural and multi lingual environment of a national or a multinational firm or a department in which they are already working.

This certificate course will enable the students to learn methodology of translation and translation practices in various forms of discourse whether oral, verbal or audio-visual. Besides enhancing their oral skills such as listening, understanding and speaking at least two languages, they can specialize in one of the following three major types of source texts for the purpose of translation into the target text:

  1. Legal
  2. Scientific/Technical
  3. Journalistic

The students will have to undergo extensive practice of translation in the texts of their respective specializations along with consecutive interpretation practice in the third and final semester to complete their studies and qualify for the Certificate in Specialized Translation.

Certificate in Specialization Translation

List OF Courses:

Ist Semester:

1. Fundamentals of Translation
2. Vocabulary Learning
3. Composition and Dictation
4. Oral Skills: Listening and Speaking
5. Editing and Compilation

2nd Semester

1. Forms of Discourse
2. Applied Translation in the Respective Specialization
3. Interpretation Skills (Audio-Visual)
4. Consecutive Interpretation Practice
5. Projects and Tutorials

Each course will carry the weightage of three credit hours. A student will have to complete 36 credit hours of study and class work/project carrying 6 credit hours, to earn a certificate. Duration of the course will be two semesters.

Any one holding Intermediate/Higher Secondary School Certificate or equivalent qualification in at least 2nd division, will be eligible to apply for admission in this certificate course.

Evaluation Criteria

Division of Marks in each subject of the course shall be as under: Project:(20)
Written and/or Practical Examination-Mid Term(20)
Practical Examination-Final (40)
Total Marks (100) Above criterion for division of marks is tentative and respective teacher of a subject may exercise his discretion objectively, keeping in view overall academic policy of NUML.


  • The students shall be required to secure minimum of 50% marks in each course in each semester for promotion to the next semester.
  • The students shall have to pass in at least 3 of the 4 courses in the current semester to become eligible for promotion into next semester. Students may re-appear in re-examination before terminal examination of next semester. Result of the next semester in respect of the concerned student shall not be announced unless he gets through in the remaining one paper in re-examination.
  • Students with at least 70% attendance in the lectures of each subjects, shall be allowed to appear in the terminal examinations.