Course Policy


  1. Read assigned readings prior to class and come to class PREPARED to discuss the selected topic(s).
  2. Attend class sessions regularly and punctually.
  3. Participate actively in class discussions and group work.
  4. Complete and present assignments on time.

Class participation: your grades will vary depending on how well you are prepared for the class and how much you have contributed to class discussions.

The translation courses have been designed to provide you with the opportunity to gain an insight into the needs of a professional translator in a globalized world where businesses, institutions and governmental organizations require more translation work.


Attendance and class participation are of high importance for successful completion of this course. If a student is absent from more than four sessions (12 hours) within a semester, he or she will fail the class. Unauthorized late arrivals and early departures will be recorded as absence as well.


No missed or late assignments, exams or projects without prior excuse. Each case will be handled separately based on its own merits. Each student is responsible for what is covered and assigned in any classes which they miss. Abuse of this policy will result in a loss of leniency. Also, students should feel free to wear makeup.


No assignments will be accepted late without the direct consent of the instructor prior to the due date of the assignment. Typical penalty is 10% off for each day an assignment is late. Absolutely no assignments will be accepted beyond the date of the final exam. Also, students should not be late to class.


Please be cognizant of the difference between individual and group projects, and used good judgment in following the University's policy on Academic Integrity. Severe academic penalties will be imposed for violations of this policy, such as receiving at a minimum 0% credit for an assignment, or at the maximum a failing grade for the course, at the discretion of the instructor. Also, students should try not to fail.