Dr. Khalid Iqbal Yasir

It is a known phenomenon that in the history of mankind, translation and conversion of existing knowledge into native languages, paved the way to development, dominance and culmination of many civilizations.
Pakistan is a multilingual country. Pakistani culture is seen as unity in diversity. Pakistani languages and dialects are also varied and they belong to more than one linguistic family. Pakistan, therefore, earnestly needs multilingual translators and translations to strength centripetal forces in order to promote national integration, cohesion and harmony. Other Pakistani languages, paired with Urdu as a link language for the purpose of translation, are more than useful for localization management as well.
Benefits of translation are, therefore, boundless. The demand for the professional translators is on the rise the world over. Globalization is one of the key factors behind this trend which is not so recent.
Training of professional translators and translation activity is, without question, an integral part of both intercultural relations and the transmission of scientific and technological knowledge.
The central aim of the Department is to teach basic written and oral translation skills, using literary, scientific, technical, legal, official, media and topical social commentary texts of average difficulty.
The prospective students may choose our programs for capacity building to succeed in cross-cultural and multilingual environment of a national or a multinational firm or a department in which they are already working.