Welcome To Chiragh-e-Badr

It is an established fact that all sorts of crimes thrive in poverty. It is because people facing abject poverty may fall prey to any temptation. Crimes may easily flourish where the conditions are conducive and slums are natural incubators of crimes. Virtually all slums become safe havens of criminals where social evils and horrendous crimes like beggary , smuggling, kidnapping, and so on can easily flourish. What is more alarming is the fact that innocent children are used for accomplishment of many such tasks. Different mafias working behind the screen, keep such children under their control and subjugation either through addiction or blackmail. As a result, these young children are obliged to do what they are asked to do. Most such children who are poor are most likely to be illiterate since it is the extreme poverty which prevents them from seeking any education that would naturally result into their social awareness by transforming them into better human beings for it is said education is a movement from darkness to light. This means improvement in literacy largely depends on the alleviation of poverty. Fully appreciating how illiteracy can stigmatize and corrupt the young minds, worthy Rector NUML Maj. Gen. (R) Zia Uddin Najam,initiated a literacy campaign in November, 2015. At present, 30 children from different slum areas of Islamabad, registered with Charagh -e- Badr Programme (CBP), are receiving formal education within the premises of NUML. Apart from these 30 children, NUML has also adopted 125 children in G-12 Sector under the banner of NUML Adoption Programme (NAP). Most of the children registered with Charagh -e- Badr Programme (CBP) and NUML Adoption Programme (NAP) were either beggars or idlers; naturally a potential prey to a number of social evils. NUML has made a successful attempt to stop these children from falling into the black holes of wrongdoings, rottenness and criminality.