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The importance of International Business & Economic Integration is well recognized and has become an unavoidable element in most economic policy decisions. European Union (EU) is one of the biggest manifestations of integration. Business and Economic integration is a process by which a group of countries try to secure access to a wider market and reinforce growth to attain a higher level of national welfare. It involves the recognition that a partnership among countries can achieve this goal in a more efficient way than by unilateral and independent pursuance of peace and prosperity.
Business & Economic Integration have three main dimensions. First is Integration through Business and human migration. Second through trade in goods and services. Third through movements in Capital and financial market integration. The interdependence of economic life among countries created a situation in which national economic problems increasingly became a matter of international concern. Coordination of economic policies and international economic integration may ease, and even solve most of international economic problems as well as sustain peaceful environment
Business & Economic efficiency can be fostered by a policy of free trade which stimulates competition. It rationalizes production of goods and services and provide for a higher average standard of living and greater welfare in the future particularly of the integrated group of countries and impliedly the world at large.
Integration will be beneficial when cooperation and coordination of policies takes place instead of the disintegrated exercise of sovereign economic power through conflicting policies. The literature stressed that economic and business integration with open international trade and business exchanges of goods and services inhabit international and domestic conflicts. It is obvious that whenever mutual business and economic interests are intact, the severity of conflicts are reduced.
This conference will also underscore on the models of countries interdependence as a solution for conflicts and welfare. This conference will provide an opportunity to the Researchers, Practitioners, policy makers, CEOs, Managers, Businessmen, and academicians to collaborate and share the ideas regarding the Economic and Business integration models which are not only feasible for Pakistan but also for the region and the world.


The conference will have an aura of exclusitivity and academic research precision by having national panel of renowned guest speakers and researchers on various aspects of business leadership and management in innovative perspectives. This conference will encompass the research findings on opportunities and challenges in emerging markets and their innovative solutions.


The topics (sub-themes) of conference will revolve around the significance and constructive contribution related to main theme of the conference:

  • Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) : A Road Map to Global & Regional Prosperity.
  • Industrial Policy, Establishment of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Business Opportunities in Pakistan and Lessons from Already Established SEZs
  • Geo-Political Constraints and Possibilities of Business and Economic Cooperation in Central & South Asia
  • Rapid Industrialization and Sensitivity to Environmental Consequences
  • Entrepreneurship: A Recipe for Sustainable Economic Development
  • Financial Sector Integration & Human Resource Development: Opportunities & Challenges
  • Business Digitization: An Enhancement to Business & Employment Opportunities
  • Assessment and Lessons from Existing Geo-Economic Models e-g; ASEAN, EU etc


The objective of the conference is to evaluate and highlight issues/aspects related to possible economic and business integration models and their impact on the peace and prosperity of the regions with an aim to transform ideas into reality.


The conference promises to be full zeal, dynamism and aims to promote the following specific objectives:

  • Faculty Members
  • Students & Scholars
  • C-suite and Policy Makers
  • VPs/Managers/Directors
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Training Managers/Directors
  • Learning & Development Managers & Specialists
  • Organizational Development Managers, Consultants, and Trainers
  • Researchers
The selected papers for conference presentation will get publish in conference proceeding,which will be eventually available online. The good quality papers will further be considered for possible publication (after separate blind review as per journal requirements) in "NUML International Journal of Business & Management" (HEC recognized "Y" category)


last date for abstract submission is 05th September 2018.

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