Confucius Institute

The Profile

In April 2005, Confucius Institute was founded by The Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban), Beijing Language and Culture University, and National University of Modern Languages in Islamabad. It is the first Confucius Institute based on the all-weather strategic partnership between China and Pakistan, and also it is the first Confucius Institute in Islamic world.
In April 2005, the OCLCI(Hanban) and NUML signed the agreement for establishing Confucius Institute in NUML, and held the ritual to reveal its nameplate.
In April, 2007, the opening ceremony of Confucius Institute Islamabad was grandly held.
The cooperators: Beijing Language & Culture University and National University of Modern Languages.


  • 2007: Confucius Institute of the Year
  • 2008: Confucius Institute of the Year
  • 2009: Advanced Individual of the Confucius Institute for Dr Aziz Ahmad Khan, President of Confucius Institute Islamabad
  • In 2010: Confucius Institute of the Year

Teaching Activities

Cultural & Other Activities

Besides Chinese language courses, our institute also organized many kinds of cultural activities to promote exchange and communication of culture and education between China and Pakistan. In 2010, the Institute organized and joined more than 60 cultural communication activities that expanded the influence and enhanced reputation of our institute.

Media Reports

In 2010, the number of activities which organized by Confucius Institute in Islamabad, caused widely attentions from Medias. Twenty one Chinese and Pakistani Medias have reported the activities which are reported for 43 times.

Cultural Communication Activities

  • 1. The Local Teacher Training
  • 2. Chinese Learning Materials and Culture Books Exhibition
  • 3. Lectures from Well-Known Scholars
  • 4. Shaoxing Academy Summer Camp
  • 5. Confucius Institute Scholarship
  • 6. The Compilation of Relative Books

Guideline for Students

  • China Today – World’s China" Series of Cultural Activities
  • Donation Ceremony of Chinese Embassy to National University of Modern Languages
  • Chinese New Year Ceremony
  • The Series Activities of Interesting Chinese Class
  • The Ninth "Chinese Bridge" Pakistan Trials Division
  • Chinese Test
  • The visit of Multi-country Ambassadors
  • Other Activities
    1. Chinese Media Delegation visit (April 6)

    2. 15th All Pakistan Wushu/Kungfu Championship (April 19-April 22)

    3. Participate Qinghai Kyushu Earthquake Condolence in Chinese Embassy (April 21)

    4. China &Pakistan Friendship ball match “basketball season" (April to May)

    5. Participle Beijing Language & Culture University of Confucius Institute joint session (October 4 to 6)

    6. Participate Keimyung University Korea and National University of Modern Languages of Pakistan cooperate memorandum i.e. Keimyung University Korea donation ceremony to the disaster areas in Pakistan (October 8)

    7. Participate North Gyeongsang Province multinational Education Cooperation Forum (October 8)

    8. Confucius Institute in Islamabad, have an audience with the Cultural Office of Chinese Embassy in Pakistan (October 20)

    9. Cultural Office of Chinese embassy in Pakistan entertain volunteer teachers of Confucius Institute in Islamabad (October 25)

    10. 2nd All Pakistan Wushu/Sanda Ranking Championship (October 28 to 30)

    11. The Institute has already received visits over 20 times

    • Target and plan - The Confucius Institute in Islamabad is the first Confucius in Islamic world, which contribute Chinese language teaching in Islamic world, as well as cross - cultural communication between Chinese and Pakistan. CII has made a five-year plan for the sustainable and high speed development.
      • (一)Guiding principles
        • Maintain the principles of cooperation, mutual benefit, effectiveness and high speed
        • Bring the initiative of Hanban, BLCU and NUML into full play
        • Get the support of Chinese Embassy in Pakistan
      • (二)Development strategy
        • Strategy of Fly with Both Wings 
        • Strategy of regional development 
        • Strategy of implementing popular courses and higher education in Chinese 
      • (三)Overall target
        • Establish a CI with special characteristics and improve the model of Fly with Both Wings.
      • (四)Concrete targets
        • Offer Chinese language training by radio and TV
        • Increase course choices to meet various needs of the population
        • Maintain the increasing momentum of number of students
        • Establish more Branch Institute and Confucius Classrooms
        • Compile a Chinese language textbook with notes in Urdu
        • Hold seminar on Chinese language teaching
        • Culture exchange
        • Establish a direct link between our two universities