Admin Office
To provide an efficient, effective and par excellence administrative system, making optimum utilization of resources available.
1.Fostering par excellence in administrative management.
2.Application of modern administrative management techniques to enhance administrative proficiency.
3.Ensuring merit and transparency in appointments, postings, promotions and up-gradation.
4.Timely provision of resources at the users end.

Brig.Mohammad Zia-ul-Hassan Sahi,SI(M),S BT(Retd)

To ensure an efficient and effective management of administrative system of the university, the administration branch has been evolved and structured with an institutionalized objective identification of the administrative needs of the students, faculty and staff at the Main Campus as well as at the Regional Campuses. For this purpose, a transparent and merit based corporate administrative system, remaining within the ambit of university rules and regulations has been put in place. The system is change oriented, emanating from the past experience and looking to present and into the future so as to meet the ever changing and growing administrative needs of the University.
Main Tasks

·   Carryout carrier planning of various categories of employees / faculty as well as Admin staff.

·   Carryout induction of manpower , ensuring merit & correct application/ implementation of University/ Govt rules/ instructions on HR matters.

·   Administrative management of various Selection Boards/ Conferences/ seminars/ cultural functions.  

·   Procurement of all kinds of stores/ equipment.

·   Provide uninterrupted pick and drop facility to the students by ensuring 100% road worthiness of vehicles being used for the purpose.

·   Ensure a good quality horticulture activity.

·   Ensure regular repair/maintenance of University building structures, stores and all types of equipment.

·   Ensure security of students/all employees of the University by putting in place an effective security plan.


Administrative Guidelines

• Hostel accommodation is available and is allotted by Hostel Accommodation Committee after interviewing the applicants and assessing their residential needs. Apply in time.

• To avail transport pick & drop facility on NUML buses/coasters apply for bus pass on prescribed form available with Transport Section.

• Students are expected to put on decent dress. Please follow the dress code issued by the University.

• The University has beautiful well maintained lawns in front of almost all academic blocks providing pristine administrative environment conclusive to pursuit of knowledge / academic excellence. Please avoid trees passing.

• Help and cooperate with the administrative staff to keep the University neat & clean.

• The University security staff ensures implementation of an effective security plan and expects that all employees/ students would cooperate most willingly to ensure that no breach of security takes place.

• A great deed of emphasis is laid on social/ moral values and virtues of life. The University has a central disciplinary committee as well as departmental disciplinary committees. Any case referred to these committees can have serious consequences. Therefore, right from the day one do bear in mind the prestigious position of NUML, and concentrate whole heartedly on your studies to achieve what you have determined.

• We also wish to convey that Administration Branch with all its office bearers warmly welcome and appreciate suggestions coming from students in the context of further improving the quality of existing facilities or making up any other aspect of well being that may have been missed inadvertently. In fact, participation in management matters from user end strengthens our resolve to further improve upon the administrative facilities.

• Last but not the least, the key to success is,

“Keep your conduct sheet clean and your qualification column convincing”.

Contact Us


Administration Branch, Room No.38, 1ST Floor, Jinnah Block


  • Morning:- 0800-1400 hrs
  • Evening:- 1530-1830 hrs


Phone : Director Administration : 051-9265075

Email :

Phone : Director Administration Fax: 051-9265076