Asad Hussain

Lecturer ,""
Phone No:051 9265100 Ext: 2063


Ms. Electronics Engineering Isra University, Islamabad 2016

MSc. Electronics Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad 2008

BSc. Math A, Math B, Physics Punjab University, Lahore. 2006

As a Lecturer in department of Engineering at National University of Modern Languages
From August 2008 till DATE
  1. Signal processing
  2. Communications
  3. Image Processing
  4. Bioinformatics

1.Classification of M-QAM and M-PSK signals using genetic programming (GP)
Asad Hussain, M Farhan Sohail , Sheraz Alam Khan ,Sajjad A. Ghauri, , I M Qureshi
Neural Computing & Applications
(HEC W category I.F 4.213)

2.Multiuser detection: Comparative analysis of heuristic approach 
M. F. Sohail, Sheraz Alam, Asad Hussain, Sajjad A. Ghauri, Mubashar Sarfraz, M. A. Ahmed
International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences (IJAAS), Volume 4, Issue 6, page 115- 120, June 2017
(HEC X category)

3.KNN based Classification of Digital Modulated Signals 
Asad Hussain, SA Ghauri, M Farhan Sohail, Sheraz Alam Khan, I M Qureshi
IIUM Engineering Journal 17 (2), 71-82, 2016
(HEC X category)

4.Channel estimation using evolutionary computing techniques
Sheraz Alam Khan, MF Sohail, A Hussain, SA Ghauri, I M Qureshi
International Journal of Technology and Research 4 (1), 2016
(Y category)

5.Adaptive Filter Algorithms for Noise & Echo Cancellation
SA Ghauri, S Alam, F Sohail, MZU Rehman, A Hussain, IJCCER 1 (4), 096-099, 2013
(Y category)