Dr. Riaz Ahmad Saeed

Lecturer ,""
Phone No:(+92) 051-9265100
Email ID:rasaeed@numl.edu.pk

Education:                    PhD      Comparative   Religion       (2011-16)        PU Lahore
                    M.Phil    Comparative  Religion       (2008-2011)     IIU Islamabad
                    M A       Islamic Studies                 (2006-2008)     PU Lahore
  •  Lecturer                NUML                      Islamabad                  Since 2017 
  •  Asst. Professor      Isra University         Islamabad                  2015-2016
  •  Lecturer                ANMC                     Islamabad                  2013-2015
  •  Lecturer                GCS                       Rawalpindi                  2008-2013
  •  Comparative  study of Religions
  •  Orientalism and Occidentalism
  •  Comparative Study of Islam and West
1. Human Rights in Islam and West: Jehat  al- Islam, Vol. 6, Issue no, 2
2. Functional Prerequisites in Islam and West: Al- Qalam, Vol. 19, Issue no.1 
3. Qur'anic concept of freedom of expression: Al- Qalam, Vol. 18, Issue no. 2
4. Applications of Initial Muslim-Christian Interactions: Al-Ida ,Vol. 28, Issue no.1
5. Methaqe Madina: A Universal Charter of Peace: AL- BASIRA , Vol. 3, Issue no. 6
6. Muslim-Christian understanding towards Dialogue: HAWLIYYAT, Issue 22nd ,2015
7- Freedom of of Expression and its link with Blasphemy  JITC   Vol. 6,  Issue no. 2,2016
8- Impacts of Interfaith Dialogue on Pakistani Society Hazara Islamicus Vol. 6, Issue 1 ,2017
9- Analysis of Interfaith Dialogue from Pakistani Perspective  JIRS   Vol. 3, Issue no. 1, 2017
10-Miracles of Jesus Christ which are only describes in the Quran Not in Bible ,  Scholar 3:1,2017
11-Future Hopes of Muslim -Christian Dialogue in Pakistani Context , Transylvanian Review, vol. 25:23 , 2017
12-Role of Masjid in social Reformation ; An analytical study in current Pakistani Context  Tehdhib, Vol. 4 :2,2018
13- Principles of Islamic Leadership in the light of Prophet Seerah, Research journal Rahat ul-Qulub, vol. 2 no. 1,2018

  Two days International Conference  Peace in the light of Seerah of the Prophet (saww) at NUML,Islamabad,2014
  Two days international Conference  Interfaith Dialogue and Harmony in the light of Seerah at IIU- Islamabad ,2015
  2 days international conference on Contemporary Women Issues and Their Solution at NUML -Islamabad,2017
  Two days  Conference  Stability of Pakistan in the light of Seerah of the Prophet  at GCWUF- Faisalabad,2018
  Two day International conference on significance of Islamic culture and civilization at BZU Multan on March ,2018
  Two day National Conference  Iqbal Thought and contemporary Issues at Iqbal Academy , Iqbal, Lahore ,2108
  National Conference Sayed Ahmad Shaheed as teacher, preacher and warier at  Hazra University, Mansehra, 2015
  CPEC- Its Importance and Challenges:  A seminar conducted by  MLT  Department ,Isra University, Islamabad, 2016
  Constitutionalism and Reconstruction of State institutions Salamis perspective at  BZU- Multan (Punjab), 2017
  Peace and Diversity : A challenge for National discourse  an international conference at University of Karachi , 2017
  Contemporary issues and significance of Seerah  National  Serah conference at  GCWU- Sialkot, 2018
  •  Institute of Policy Studies                       IPS         Islamabad
  •  Institutional Review Board                      ANMC     Islamabad
  •   Pak Professional Forum                         PPF         Islamabad
  •  Research Gate Way Society ,                  RGS       Hyderabad
  •   Life Sciences Society                             LS         Islamabad
  • Center for Interfaith  Recherche               CIR        Karachi