Muhammad Adil

Network Administrator ,""
Phone No:ext.2704


2012 – 2015                      MS Computer Science (Information Security Management)

   ZABIST Islamabad.

                                        CGPA: 3.25 / 4.00

                                        Research work: Implementing IDS in cloud computing in virtual environment (Paper published in International Journal of Enhanced Research publications)

2005 - 2009                       BS in Electronic Engineering

                                        International Islamic University, Islamabad

                                        CGPA: 3.04 / 4.00

2003 – 2005                    ICB G-6/3  Intermediate (HSSC)          1ST division

2001 - 2003                     ICB G-6/3      Matriculation (SSC)        1ST division


Additional Courses:

June to Dec 2011:

         Six months MCITP from The Network Academy G-7 Islamabad.

Feb to July 2010:

         Six month CCNP from The Network Academy G-7 Islamabad.

Sep to December 2009:

          Four month CCNA from Information and Communication Technology H-9 Islamabad also passed CCNA certification exam with 96.1%.

         Cisco No: CSCO11845687

15 July to Oct 2003:

Three month course of Computer Sciences for Professional from PITC G-8/4 Islamabad.

Aug to Sep 2002:

One month course in Computer Hardware and Networking from PITC G-8/4 Islamabad.

One month course in English Language from NUML H-9 Islamabad.



     • Merging project of RBS with Faisal bank (21st Sep 2010 to 20th Oct 2010)


Responsibilities:       Conversion of domain of work stations of RBS.

                                Configuration of printer and scanner on network.

           Installation and Configuration of Lotus notes and MS Outlook.

               Mapping of user’s personal drive and shared drive.


     • Implementation of Datacenter at Islamabad High Court (25th July 2015 till 13th July 2017)


Additional Networking Skills:

       • Configuration of OSPF on BMA and NBMA networks and on different sites located in various areas of OSPF.

       • Ability to configure and troubleshoot MPLS, communicating multiple customers over the network creating VPN for each customer separately.

      • Basic understanding and configuration of BGP

      • Packet Tracer, GNS, Wireshark.


Additional Security Skills:

        Configure Routing, policies, zones and PAT on CISCO ASA 5555.

         Knowledge of Deployment, network Configuration, Routing inbound and outbound mail on Barracuda spam firewall 600.

Working as System Network Administrator in NUML.

From 10th Sep 2018 till to date

Area: Network, Systems and Security Administration


Responsibilities:      • Designing and Planning network Infrastructure on Microsoft Visio 2016.

                                • Configuration of Networks, Access Rules, PAT, routing, SSL VPN and site to site VPN on Sonicwall 4500.

                                • Configuration of interfaces, sub-interfaces, Access Rules, PAT and routing on Cisco 4341 Router.

                                • Configuration of telnet and auxiliary passwords, Management interface, broadcast suppression and Max MAC addresses limit on layer3 switch 3com 7700.

                                   Configuration of telnet and auxiliary password, Management IP, interface link-mode and link-speed, VLAN and Inter-VLAN routing on Juniper EX2200 and HP 1920 Switches.

                                • Installation and Configuration of Nagios server on Centos 6 to monitor network devices.

                                • Installation and Configuration of Nagios syslog server on Centos 6 and monitor sys logs of firewall.

                                • Manage devices, groups and polices on kaspersky security center.

                                • Manage Ruckus zone director 100 and Ruckus zone flex 700.

                                • Designing of complete Network infrastructure for newly developed building.

                                • Creation of RFP, Tender document and comparison sheet for Procurement of Generator, Firewall and Switches.


Working as Assistant Registrar in Pakistan Engineering Council.

From 21th Aug 2017 till 9th Sep 2018

Area: Networking and System Administration

Responsibilities:       Designing and Planning network Infrastructure on Microsoft Visio 2016.

                                  IP Planning and Management of complete network.

                                • Planning and documentation for site preparation, complete power distribution, Environmental Monitoring System, security surveillance and Access Control for data center.

                                  Preparation of site plan layout in Auto CAD.

                                • Preparation of Internal RACK and inter RACK data connectivity in Microsoft Visio 2016.

                                • Preparing the vmware ESXi solution to virtualize the datacenter on bases of running application and future development.

                               • Preparing vmware vSAN solution by calculating IOPS use by production servers.

                                • Configuration of Destination NAT for hosting Application, PAT, IPSec VPN, L2TP VPN, Bandwidth Management using QoS (Queue trees and per connection queue technique), blocking http sites through content filtering and https sites and torrents and PPPOE server and PPPOE client on mikrotik CCR1036.

        • Configuration of WAN failover and Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) on mikrotik CCR1036 to introducing load balancing in topology.

        • Configuration of Zones, Interfaces, Access rules, NAT rule, default route, dual WAN load balancing on cisco ISA 570W. 

                               • Conduct Proof of Concept (POC) of Hillstone SG 6000-T3860 and Sophos SG430 to Configure of Zones, Interfaces, Access rules, PAT, Destination NAT and Routing and configuration on Routed and Transparent mode.

                                Installation and Configuration of Kaspersky Security Center 10 and Deployment of Kaspersky network agent, Endpoint security, license key and update agent from Kaspersky Security Center 10 on Domain computers.

                                • Configuration of AP profile, MAC base security on Dlink DWC2000 and DWL8610AP and DWL6600AP.

                                • Installation and Configuration of Cacti to monitor local and remote network devices using monitor plugin, generate graphical reports using flows plugin and generate e-mail notification using thold plugin.

                                • Configuration and Managing Polycom RMX 2000 and HDX 7000 for Video Conferencing.

                                • Hand on experience to be work on HP DL380 G9 and DELL Power Edge R730.

                               • Configuration of IP pool and IP to MAC binding in DHCP server, configure and manage DHCP Active Active Cluster for DHCP Failover.

                                Configuration of SSL Certificate on Internet Information Service (IIS) Server.

                                 Configuration of domain, users, computers and group policies in Active Directory.

                               • Planning and overlooking network replacements and upgrades and coordination with procurement department and initiating RFP’s.

                                Writing minute sheets with detail specification of network equipments for purchasing and technical evaluation report for tender document.


Working as Hardware and Network Engineer in Islamabad High Court.

From 25th July 2015 till 13th July 2017

Area: IT Hardware and Networking

Responsibilities:       Designing and Planning of Datacenter and network Infrastructure.

                                   Installation and configuration of vmware ESXi 6.

                                   Creating VMs, Adding datastore to VM, configure snapshot, VM replication and HA through vSphere 6.

                                   P2V and V2V conversion using vmware vCenter conversion tool.

                                   Configure vCenter 6 Server and mange ESXi Clients through vCenter 6.

                                   Perform live migration with vMotion 6.

                                   Configuration of Disk group, creating virtual volume, mapping volume to hosts in HP MSA2040 Storage Area Network (SAN).

                                   Configuration of Network Setting and Administrator password on HP MSL2024 Tape Library.

                                   Configure Virtual Machine backup on HP MSL2024 Tape Drive using veeam backup and replication 9.

                                 Configure routing, policies, many to many NAT, one to one NAT, site to site VPN, SSL VPN and Load Balancing on Huawei USG 6650.

                                 Configuration of IPS, Antivirus, Anti-DDos Protection, Defense against single packet attack, anti spam filter and maintain Blacklist on Huawei USG 6650.

                                  Configure routing, policies, many to many NAT, one to one NAT, site to site VPN, Load Balancing, IPS and DoS Protection on Fortinet Fortigate 100D.

                                Configure routing, policies, many to many NAT, one to one NAT, remote access VPN and Load Balancing on pfsense.

                                   Configuration of Inter VLAN routing using SVI on HP 5130 L3 Switch.

                                   Configuration of LAG, VLAN and Trunking on Cisco SG300 and HP 1920G Switches.

                                  Hand on experience to be work on HP DL380 G9.

                                Configured and Implemented DHCP, DNS, Primary and Additional Domain Controllers and MS Exchange Server in windows environment.

                                Configured and Implemented SAMBA, ZIMBRA and OpenFire Server integrated with Active Directory in Linux environment.

                                Configured and Implemented Active Passive Cluster for SAMBA and ZIMBRA using DRBD and Heartbeat in linux.

                    Managing supporting staff

                                 Ensure smooth running Power of datacenter through Transformer, AVR, ATS, Generator and UPS.

                               • Coordination with vendor and ensuring their support falls within the SLA agreement.

                  • Write tender document, cost estimation report, technical evaluation report, purchase order.


Worked as Network Administrator in National University of Science and Technology.

From 24th Aug 2011 to 24th July 2015

Area: IT Hardware and Networking

Responsibilities:     Planning, Creating, Managing and Troubleshooting LAN, Hardware Devices.

                               Configure routing, policies, site to site VPN, SSL VPN, VPN with overlapping subnets and Load Balancing, many to many NAT and one to one NAT on SonicWALL NSA 4500.

                  Configure PPPOE, routing, policies, site to site VPN, VPN with overlapping subnets on Juniper SSG 20.

                                Hand on experience to be work on HP DL380 G7.

                                Configuration of various Windows based Servers (Web, DNS, DHCP, File, ISA, TMG 2010, Solarwinds Monitoring)

                                Configuration of various Linux based Servers (DNS, SAMBA, SQUID, Backup)

                                Installation and configuration of kaspersky Administration kit.

                                Configuration of clients update, URL filtering, Application control and Device control to manage clients through kaspersky administration kit.

                                Configuration and adjustment of Policom Video Conferencing equipment.

                              • Configuring layer 2 Port security like MAC Limit to prevent against MAC-address flooding and DHCP starvation which cause DOS attack, DHCP snooping to Prevention against ARP spoofing attack and DHCP Spoofing to secure against Man in the Middle Attack on Cisco 2960 Layer 2 Switch.

                               Implementation and Configuration of IP Phone on firewall

                               Take and manage backups of Servers and software’s.

                               Worked on Moodle (extra charge)

  Managing the supporting staff


Working as Customer Care Executive in Wi-tribe (outsource HSRG).

From 24th Jan 2011 to 23th Aug 2011

Area: Information Technology

Responsibilities:     Troubleshooting Issues like Slow Browsing and No Browsing.

                                Troubleshooting the connectivity from PC to web site.

                                Troubleshooting Issues related Internet Explorer.

                                Troubleshooting of MS outlook.

                                Troubleshooting Camera view with static IP and port forwarding.

                                Provide Customer Support


Working as Resident Engineer in Mobilink (outsource Multilynx).

From 21st Oct 2010 to 20th Jan 2011

Area: Information Technology

Responsibilities:     Installation and troubleshooting of windows OS.

                                Converting system from workgroup to domain and update their group policies.

                                Managing and Troubleshooting system software and Drivers.

                                Managing and Troubleshooting LAN, Hardware Devices.

                                Installation, configuration & troubleshooting of desktop printers, network printers, and scanners.

                                Recovery of user data through Disaster Recovery Tools.

                                PST password recovery through password recovery tools.

                                Configuration and adjustment of Video Conferencing equipment


Worked as Trainee Engineer in Techno Solution.

From 10th Aug 2009 to 19th Sep 2010

Area: Information Technology

Responsibilities:       Installation and configuration of PCs in network environment

                                Installation and configuration of printer and scanner on network.

                 Installation and configuration of Multimedia.

                 Installation and configuration of Video Conferencing equipment