Dr. Ata Ullah

Assistant Professor ,""
Phone No:ext.223
Email ID:aullah@numl.edu.pk


Post Doc. Research, USTB, Beijing, China, 2018.

PhD(CS) IIUI, Islamabad, Pakistan, 2016

MSCS  COMSATS, Islamabad, Pakistan, 2007

BSCS  COMSATS, Islamabad, Pakistan, 2005

Asst. Professor (BPS-19) (01/09/2018 to Date)

Department of Computer Science

National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Research Assistant (Post Doctoral Research) (01/11/17 to 31/08/18)

School of Computer and Communication Engineering,

University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB), Beijing, China


Asst. Professor (BPS-19) / Head Project Committee (24/06/2015 to 30/10/17)

Department of Computer Science

National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Lecturer (BPS-18) / Head Project Committee (20/03/2012 to 23/06/2015)

Department of Computer Science

National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Lecturer (Contract) / Head Project Committee (11/08/2008 to 19/03/2012)

Department of Information Technology

National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Software Engineer (02/10/07 to 08/08/08)

Networks Department, Streaming Networks, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Wireless Sensor Networks Security, Mobile Application Development, VoIP, Cloud Computing, Cyber-physical Social Systems, Internet of Things, Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks, Next Generation Networks, IMS, VOLTE

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