Professor Dr. Muhammad Safeer Awan

Dean ,'Department of English GS '
Phone No:0519265100

Education:M.A. English, Dept. of English Language and Literature

Punjab University, Lahore (1990-92)          

Ph.D. in English Studies from National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad. (2008)

 (title of doctoral thesis is, “Transcending the Raj?: An Analysis of Rudyard Kipling’s Kim in the Saidian Orientalist Perspective”)

       Postdoc (in progress) from University of North Carolina, United States of America 
ü  Professor  and Dean Faculty of English Studies, NUML, Islamabad.

ü  Assistant Professor          June 2009- March 2016      

    Dept. of English, International Islamic University, Islamabad.

ü  Lecturer in English       2007- 2009                            

 International Islamic University, Islamabad. 

ü  Lecturer in English   (On Deputation) 1999-2002

 International Islamic University, Islamabad.

ü Lecturer in English            2002- 2007

Gordon College Rawalpindi

ü Lecturer in English            1995 - 1999

At various colleges of Punjab(including Government College Mianwali, Pattoki, Gujrat,

Adviser on cultural affairs to the President IIUI.

Director IIU Schools

Students Advisor at International Islamic University Islamabad. January 2011 to February 2014.

§  Member Board of Studies, Faculty of Languages & Literature IIUI. (2000-todate).

§  Member Curriculum Designing Committee (CBS), IIUI. (2000-2002).

§ Member Board of Studies, University of Gujrat, Gujrat, Pakistan

§ Member Board of Studies, GC University Faisalabad

§ Member Board of Studies, University of Mansehra, KPK

§ Member committee, constituted by the Islamic University Rector  to negotiate with the administrators of madrasahs in Lahore in 2002 and select trainers to train English language teachers of madrasahs from Lahore Division.

§  Arranged two-weeks long Madrasah Teachers’ Training Workshop at IIUI in August 2013

§  Arranged second training workshop for madrassah teachers in collaboration with PAS, US Embassy Islamabad.

§  Editor Newsletter, IIUI                               (2001-2002)

Editor Me’yar: Journal of Urdu Studies (English section)


Supervised 8 PhDs and 37 M.Phil scholars so far

§  HEC recognized research supervisor

§  Research Supervisor, Faculty of Advanced Integrated Studies, NUML, Islamabad

§  Research Supervisor, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Air University, Islamabad

§  Research Supervisor, Area Studies Center, Quaid-a-Azam University, Islamabad.

§  Research Supervisor, Department of English, Riphah International University, Faisalabad Campus.

§  Research Supervisor, Faculty of Languages & Literature




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§  Islamophobia versus Islamotopia’ presented at International Conference on ‘Islam, Pakistan and South Asia’ held at International Islamic University Islamabad, 6-7 March, 2012.

§  “Apocalypse Now?”: Post-September 11 Power Politics and Global Futures, presented at Cardiff University, UK, from 2-3 July, 2009.

§  ‘Cracking/Rewriting the Western Canon: A  Study of Derek Walcott’s The Odyssey  and Wole Soyinka’s The Bacchae of Euripedes.’ Presented at 3rd Annual Comparative Literature Conference, at University of Alberta, Canada. The theme of the conference was “CULTURES ACROSS BORDERS: NEGOTIATING THE GLOBAL AND THE LOCAL”

from 13-14 March 2010.

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§  “American Media and Popular Narratives since September 11.” Delivered at Area Study Center, QAU, Islamabad.

A number of seminars delivered at Air University Islamabad; Quaid-a-Azam University, Islamabad; Gujrat University, Gujrat; GC University Faisalabad, Gomal University, etc.