Registrar Office
Vision & Mission

To support the academic mission and purpose of the University.

To provide information and academic services to the University community in an efficient, user-friendly manner while  ensuring accuracy, integrity, and confidentiality of academic records.

To provide exemplary service by continually improving our processes for registration, course scheduling, academic records, degree conferral, convocation and related functions.

To effectively communicate procedures and responsibilities for the successful use of our services.

To adhere to the policies and the highest standards of the registrar office.


Brig (R) Amin Ullah Khan, SI(M)

NUML was first created as a National Institute for Modern Languages, which became a well known name for learning contemporary languages. Ever since it’s up gradation to the level of a full-fledged university the basic role has also been changed. NUML is now delivering knowledge in almost all the disciplines ranging from IT and Engineering to a large variety of social science subjects, and a host of students at under-graduate, as well as post-graduate levels. The student’s community, benefitting from this organisation, consists of learners coming from all parts of the country as well as from around the globe. 

We are also making a great headway in the field of research. The University has so far produced a large number of research scholars, whose research work has been published nationally as well as internationally. Our MPhil and PhD programmes are drawing large number of scholars, in almost all the subjects and disciplines.

The dissemination of quality instruction is one of the most important mission, which lies at the heart of our eminent faculty.  The establishment of Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) and the Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC), with the collaboration of HEC, are the milestones on the journey to excellence in research, innovation and professional development of the faculty.

The Office of the Registrar at NUML provides a wealth of services to students from across the country and around the globe. With the help of the Administrative and Academic Branches we strive to provide best services from the time of admissions and registrations till the award of degree in a convocation, which is the most prestigious event organized by the office of the Registrar.

We remain steadfast in providing you with the personalized attention. We encourage you to take charge of all aspects of your education and to ask questions when you are unsure or need help. We wish you much success in your future years at NUML.

Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC)

A Human Resource development Centre (HRDC) has recently been established in NUML. The primary objective of HRDC is to develop and enhance state of the art teaching as well as administrative skills among the members of teaching faculty and administrative staff. To achieve its objectives HRDC conducts various training courses, seminars and workshops, either on its own or in collaboration with the HEC and other Governmental departments / institutions. The HRDC is dedicated to on job training of consistently high standards through innovative and versatile programmes that are responsible to the current and emerging needs of the University employees. Some of the major initiatives taken by the HRDC during last six months are as under:-

  • Conduct of PCEPT course, in collaboration with the HEC, from 4th May to 24th May, in which 26 faculty members from NUML and other affiliated colleges participated.
  • Conduct of one week course on Human Resource Management, in August 2011, by the Institute of Manpower, Islamabad. 25 members of teaching faculty and administrative staff attended the course.
  • Conduct of training in Microsoft Excel for the senior computer assistants, in September 2011, by the Institute of Manpower, Islamabad.

It is indeed a matter of great satisfaction that our endeavors have started to pay off in improving the overall efficiency of the University.

Sexual Harassment Cell (SHC)
With a view to providing an environment of absolute academic freedom, which is so very essential for the pursuit of excellence in higher education, NUML has also established a Sexual Harassment Cell (SHC). In this regard necessary lead was provided by the HEC which has initiated detailed policy guidelines on the subject. The NUML SHC strictly believes that “all forms of Sexual harassment in HEIs are prohibited  and any act of this nature constitutes a punishable offence under this policy”
Taking due cognizance of all the existing laws, rules and regulations, the SHC is determined to implement the Sexual Harassment Policy in letter and spirit, thereby curbing the menace of intimidation, sexual harassment, offensive and hostile behaviour, either by the faculty members against the students or vice versa, or by one member of the faculty / staff / student community against another member of the same community.
This policy is absolutely clear and becomes binding on all NUML Departments and the Administrative Authorities, who have legal as well as moral responsibility to protect its members from all kinds of harassment.

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