Student Affairs Office
Vision & Mission
Students Affairs Branch offers a variety of services to students and facilitates their curricular and co-curricular activities. This branch functions as a friend and guide of a student, administering to his/her needs from the time he/she makes the first inquiry regarding admission to the university to the times he graduates from it. The office of DSA is responsible to provide general information regarding courses, admissions, examinations, etc. However, to utilize the counseling services by the new comers, there is a requirement to seek an appointment so that the DSA could arrange a meeting with the concerned faculty members for counseling about the subject choice or other campus issues faced by the students. The branch also facilitates the general welfare of the students.

Mr Taj Muhammad

Branch is headed by Director Students Affairs (DSA) who is assisted by a Superintendent and reports directly to the Director General. The Branch, like others within the higher education system, seeks to serve the needs of the students.

Section This branch facilitates the students to provide important academic support to enhance their quality education at all stages of their stay in the University through provision of a range of professional services. The office of the DSA also establishes a liaison between the university administration and the students.
To facilitate the students in addressing their problems pertaining to academics, specially in their career planning, counseling /advocacy services, admission, examinations, library, transportation, health, fees, scholarships.
To promote co-curricular activities and facilitate the organization of sports, outside trips/visits, inter university debate competitions, functions, seminars, workshops, entrepreneur week, job fare, welcome parties, internships, industrial trips.

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