NUML Convocation 2019

All the registered graduates of Convocation April 2019 of Main Campus Islamabad are intimated that the Convocation will be held on 4th April and its rehearsal on 3rd April. The registered students should report both the days at 0800 hrs.

Important Dates

Rehearsal Date 3rd April 2019
Convocation Date 4th April 2019


  • 1.Presence on rehearsal day is mandatory to attend the convocation.
  • 2.The Gowns will be issued to the local students by the vendor on 2nd April 2019 in the University premises. The out station students will receive their gowns on 3rd April 2019.
  • 3.The invitation cards of the students and their guests will be issued to local students on 2nd April and out station students on 3rd April 2019.