Policies & Procedures (Functions)

  1. Admissions – Local & Foreigner Students.
  2. Registration of all students - Allotment of registration number to the students of all courses.
  3. Affiliation / De-affiliation of Institutions
  4. All Academic assistance / coordination for affiliation / de-affiliation are made by this branch.
  5. Migration / Change of Shift from / to Campuses / other Universities
  6. All correspondence relating to change of Shift (from Morning to Evening) / Migration – Credit hour transfer from one Campus to another / from other Universities.
  7. Calendar of Events - Academic calendar of events / activities is prepared in consultation with all departments / branches.
  8. Scholarship for Position holders
  9. List of position holders is forwarded by Examination Branch. The same is compiled and vetted by the Academics Branch before issuance of the final list.
  10. Following Certificates are Issued by Academics Branch
  • Summer Course Attendance Certificate
  • Merit Certificate
  • Bonafide Certificate
  • Attendance / Character Certificate
  • Special Courses Attendance Certificate