Director Message

S.Tufail Khalil

In all matters, the Office of the Director Finance prioritizes support of University's vision; National University of Modern L anguages shall be a model national university in the region, recognized for high-quality education and research and for being a leader of economic and social development. In following this, and adhering to the principles of the university mission, it is my proud responsibility to uphold a number of duties related to the Financial Management of University. We sincerely strive to make NUML not only an effective and efficient institution, but also a place where employees grow to take pride, both in their community, and the development of their own abilities. Let me take this opportunity to share with you the progress made by NUML with the objective of becoming a world class university. Like other leading universities of the world, our goal is to ensure that any student who gets admission to NUML does not have to withdraw due to financial constraints. To achieve this we have taken up the challenge of steps by embarking upon some key initiatives. From 2010 onwards, major efforts have been made to improve our financial support to the needy and unprivileged class of student and expand the horizon of our merit scholarship by increasing the numbers of scholarship up to 854 during last Financial Year 2012-2013 to those talented students who got 1st , 2nd and 3ed position in their respective semester end term exams. Besides with collaboration of the HEC need based scholarship programme was started last year and 92 scholarships were awarded to the needy students purely on merit. Furthermore MOU was signed with the PBM to get support from the PBM for the students from under privileged class of the society and with the grace of AMIGHY ALLAH we are getting scholarships up to 234 every semester for these students. More steps are being taken to accommodate more students as will.