Policies & Procedures

All payment are made/released with the approval of the competent authority i.e Rector Payments to Suppliers are made through crossed cheques duly signed by Director Finance & Rector. All payment cheques are recorded in a specified cheque Register along with signature of Director Finance and Rector. Cash payments are also recorded in a specified advance payment register along with signature. Cash payments to different sections of university i.e. Transport, Store, -ical, Printing press etc for recoupment of their bills for miscellaneous purchases by the relevant sections.

Receipts - Cash Receipts on designated receipts books for the following purposes:

Course fee for external students. Tuition fee etc for regular students. Degree/Transcript/ DMC fee for external students. Sale of prospectus fee. Any Other fee i.e. tender fee, fine and translation fee etc.

Guideline for the faculty

No Cash remittance will be made on account of salary. The salary of all employees paid through bank only. Pension Disbursement - Pension to pensioners is disbursed on monthly/quarterly basis through transfer of amount with National Bank of Pakistan