Sexual Harassment Cell (SHC)

With a view to providing an environment of absolute academic freedom, which is so very essential for the pursuit of excellence in higher education, NUML has also established a Sexual Harassment Cell (SHC). In this regard necessary lead was provided by the HEC which has initiated detailed policy guidelines on the subject. The NUML SHC strictly believes that “all forms of Sexual harassment in HEIs are prohibited and any act of this nature constitutes a punishable offence under this policy” Taking due cognizance of all the existing laws, rules and regulations, the SHC is determined to implement the Sexual Harassment Policy in letter and spirit, thereby curbing the menace of intimidation, sexual harassment, offensive and hostile behaviour, either by the faculty members against the students or vice versa, or by one member of the faculty / staff / student community against another member of the same community. This policy is absolutely clear and becomes binding on all NUML Departments and the Administrative Authorities, who have legal as well as moral responsibility to protect its members from all kinds of harassment.