Thesis Defense Schedule:

Ch. Muhammad Najeeb

Defence – PHD Thesis (at 12:30 Hrs PM on Thursday, 18thJan,2018 in the Conference Room No.10 Ground Floor Jinnah Block) 

Mr. Souaad M. Abbas

Defence – PHD Thesis (at 15:30 Hrs PM on Thursday, 18thJan,2018 in the Conference Room No.10 Ground Floor Jinnah Block) 

Ms.Ruqia Rehana D/o Muhammad Bashir

Defence – PHD Thesis (at 04:00 PM on Monday, 15thJan,2018 in the Conference Room No.10 Ground Floor Jinnah Block) 

Ms.Ms. Nazia Habib

Defence – PHD Thesis (at 10:00 AM on Friday, 12thJan,2018 in the Conference Room No.10 Ground Floor Jinnah Block) 

Mr. Muhammad Zuhair Ahmed S/o Muhammad Tufail Ahmed

Defence – PHD Thesis (at 10:00 AM on Thursday, 11thJan,2018 in the Conference Room No. 10 Ground Floor Jinnah Block) 

1. M.PHIL Thesis Defence Of Ms Uzma Shahbaz D/O Mazhar Ul Islam

Registration No. 845-MPhil/EDU/F13 titled “A Competitive Study of Professional Work Ethics Among Public and Private Sector University Teachers” (at 0800 hrs on Friday, 26ththJune,2017) 

2. MPhil thesis of Ms. Khansa Pooshda D/O Iftikhar Mehmood

Registration No. 590-MPhil/Lit/Jan/11-50 (at 1100 hrs on Tuesday, 15thNov,2016) 

3. MPhil thesis of Ms. Shabnam Nasrullah D/O Nasarullah

Registration No. 587-MPhil/ELit/Jan/11 (at 1200 hrs on Thursday, 17thNov,2016) 

4. MPhil thesis of Ms. Robina Kausar D/O Muhammad Ashraf

Registration No. 632-MPhil/Lit/Aug 11 (at 1000 hrs on Thursday, 17thNov,2016) 

5. MPhil thesis of Ms. Amna Anwar D/O Mr. Muhammad Anwar

Registration No. 928-MPhil/Ling/S14 (at 1000 hrs on Monday, 24thOct,2016) 

6. PhD thesis of Ms. Hakimeh Dastrangi d/o Mr. Rahman

Registration No. 407-PhD/Per/Aug 11 (at 1100 hrs on Wednesday, 21stOct,2015) 

7. MPhil thesis of Mr. Sayyid Hassan Naqvi s/o Mr. Sayed Hadi Naqvi

Registration No. 505-MPhil/Ling/Jan 10 (at 0900 hrs on Monday, 12thOct,2015) 

8. MPhil thesis of Ms. Humaira Jabbar Malik d/o Mr. Malik Abdul Jabbar

Registration No. 783-MPhil/ELing/Fall 12 (at 0900 hrs on Monday, 12thOct,2015) 

9. MPhil thesis of Mr. Zawar Hussain Shah s/o Mr. Amir Hussain Hashmi

Registration No. 363-MPhil/Ling/2008 Aug (at 0900 hrs on Friday, 09thOct,2015) 

10. MPhil thesis of Mr. Muhammad Usman s/o Mr. Muhammad Talib Khan

Registration No. 638-MPhil/Ling/Aug 11 (at 0900 hrs on Thursday, 08thOct,2015) 

11. MPhil thesis of Mr. Muhammad Amir s/o Mr. Shair Baz

Registration No. 625-MPhil/Lit/Aug 10 (at 0900 hrs on Wednesday, 07thOct,2015)

12. PhD thesis of Ms. Khadija Tahira d/o Mr. Muhammad Shafique

Registration No. 486-MPhil/Lit/Jan 10 (Sep)

13. PhD thesis of Mr. Qaiser Khan s/o Mr. Jehan Sher Khan

Registration No. 392-PhD/Ling/Aug 11 (Aug)

14. PhD thesis of Mr. Syed Almas Haider Shah s/o Mr. Syed Iftikhar Haider Shah

Registration No. 731-MPhil/IR/Feb 12 (Aug)

15. MPhil thesis of Mr. Abid Nazar Changazee s/o Mr. Khuda Nazar Jan

Registration No. 812-MPhil/IIR/S13 (Aug)

16. MPhil thesis of Ms. Shahin Zafar d/o Mr. Shamim Din Khan

Registration No. 513-MPhil/Hin/Jan10 (Aug)

17. MPhil thesis of Ms. Nighat Parveen d/o Wadan Shah Afridi

Registration No. 718-MPhil/Edu/Feb 12 (Aug)

18. MPhil thesis of Mr. Ali Hussain s/o Ghulam Haider

Registration No. 716-MPhil/Edu/Feb 12 (Aug)

19. PhD thesis of Mr.Muhammad Ayub s/o Mr.Muhammad Tariq

Registration No. 160-MPhil/Eng/2005 (Jan)

20. PhD thesis - Mr.Ayyaz Mehmood s/o Mr.Sulan Mehmood

Registration No. 269-MPhil/Eng/2007 (Jan)