Research Journals Management

The promotion of research is one of the core strategic goals of the ORIC along with improving the trends of research activities and transforming ideas into innovative products and services. ORIC is a platform that encourages multidisciplinary research and it works for managing and escalating the research activities.

To enhance research productivity and disseminate evidence based scientific knowledge, NUML is publishing research journals in seven categories.

All journals are using open journal system (OJS) for paper submission and review processes for the purpose of publications in the interest of transparency, efficiency and integrity.

Duties and Responsibilite

• Assist journals’ editors about working and functionalities of OJS.

• Arrange workshops on Editorial Work Flow; that include article submission from authors, desk review, internal & external review, copy editing and productions with allocation of DOIs.

• Collaborating with CrossRef which is parent body for awarding DOIs for research journals. 

• Develop SOPs for plagiarism process and coordinating QEC for allocating Turnitin accounts for journals.

• Guide editors about accreditation process with HEC.

• Collaborate with indexing and copyright agencies, e.g, IPO, EBSCOW, CROSSREF, DOAJ, COPE, SCOPUS etc.

• On timely basis, guide assistant editors and internees about OJS activities and website settings.

• Design a same template of research articles of all NUML journals.

• Streamline journals’ policies; that include copyright, licensing, open access, plagiarism, peer review, ethical policy, privacy, publishing policy etc.


• Higher Education Journal Recognition division annually calls applications for accreditation of journals. Manager journal publication assist editors in their application process to HJRS.


• One day training to journals' editors explained OJS functionalities and editorial work flow processes.


• All journals are indexed in CrossRef.



• Uniform journal policies have been made regarding copyright, licensing, plagiarism, open access etc. All journals are licensed licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0).

• NUML journs are adhering the Budapest Open Access Initiative definition of open access. Both, license and openaccess statesments are embedded on every published research article. 

• For copyrights, NUML journals have applied in Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO).

• Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is an eminent indexing agency which keeps records of open access journals of the world. Moreover, indexing in DOAJ directs towards indexing in SCOPUS. By grace of Allah, all SEVEN functional NUML journals have been indexed in DOAJ.