Research Work at National University of Modern Languages
The MPhil / PhD Program of National University of Modern Languages is an indigenous program with a multi–dimensional outlook. This program was started in 1998 when the Board of Governors (BOG) decided that there was a requirement to provide an opportunity for faculty members to enhance their academic qualifications and study current trends and developments in modern disciplines. The duration of the program is 3-5 years. The program crosses through a rigorous course of one year duration with extensive study of several subjects. This concentrated period of study which passes through many assignments and through written papers of five hours duration enables scholars to develop a firm base for advanced research. NUML is the first university to start a high-level preparatory course for this kind of program.

The first semester gives scholars a broad base in education, psychology, philosophy and linguistics with special reference to modern concepts and recent developments. This semester culminates in a five hour long terminal exam. Passing this exam with a 60% score is a pre-requisite for entry into the second semester.

The second semester is more specific and aims at giving scholars a fuller background in their projected areas of research. The scholars are divided into small groups with a specialist of their own discipline and are guided towards the ultimate aim, namely, research thesis writing. -ical aspects of thesis writing are also taught in this term. Overall both semesters aim at giving scholars sufficient knowledge of their chosen discipline to encourage them to come up with innovative research ideas.

Currently many of scholars are participating in these programs, which have a strong Pakistani bias. One positive result of this research activity is the building up of a much needed data base in the field of education, which will contribute positively towards the progress of the country.