Character Recognition Model by using Deep Learning using custom dataset for Balochi Language
Date : 08-Jan-2025

Principal Investigator


Assistant Professor   



Optical character recognition is a core part of AI that converts scanned text images into an editable document. The researchers proposed various text recognition techniques to identify cursive and connected scripts written from left to right but their correct recognition is still a challenging problem for the visual methods. The Balochi language is one of them and spoken by a significant part of the world population and no such research is conducted on the recognition of this regional language of Pakistan. We propose a deep learning based model for Balochi script recognition. Our model will achieve high precision and speed over the present state-of-the-art methods of machine learning. We will additionally create a Balochi characters dataset to carry further research in the future.

Completed Activities

1- Project Defination and Scope

    Description: Intial scope of project is being defined with clear objectives.



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