TRAIL No . 3

By: ICT Department

6th April, 2019

Extension of the Himalayas right on the doorstep of Islamabad is great blessing for the mountain lovers. To taste the same there are 8 famous tracks emanating from Islamabad surroundings where you’ll catch your first glimpse of the immense Himalayas and where you can head off into the mountains for some easy day hikes. There are 6 marked trails as Trail No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 waiting for you to lead into the Margalla Hills. The most popular is Trail No. 3, which takes you at a nice viewpoint in 30-45 minutes of hiking. Locals of Islamabad in hail a trend for better health and fitness which increased in recent years and is eminent from the presence of old as well as young with no distinction of males and females’ walkers on these trails.

After full time engagement, and performing duties in NUML ICT Branch in general and specifically in Convocation 2019, IT team took an enticement to spend a morning on zigzag tracks to refresh and release pressure of mind with healthier activity. Director IT Brig Muhammad Tufail Malik initiative accepted by all as good challenge having excitement in mind as well small fear for those who took it for the first time.


Trail-3 has further 2 sub-trails. One is direct also called fire line, which is a steep and a bit exhausting; youngsters took this trail and it was much quicker to reach the top. The others took the normal hiking trail, which goes in zigzag form and much easier for youngsters of all ages. IT team members found that the track was surrounded by nature all over with green trees, shrubs, different range of wild flowers, variety of birds and other small animals, but nothing dangerous. The environment was revitalizing with cool fresh air to breathe, sounds of chirping birds to sooth your nerves, serene refreshing ambiance of the trail and innocent voices of young children selling flowers, fruits and water bottles.

Thread bear analysis of eight trails (The remaining two tracks are named as; the Saidpur trail, and Bari Imam (Loi Dandi) Trail) and unanimous opinion of ICT Team, we chose to explore Trail-3, the most famous and old hiking track of Islamabad which starts on the right side of Margalla Road, opposite to Street 1, Sector F 6/3. To start this journey, the time was decided around 6am on lovely Saturday morning of Apr 2019. IT team members came at their convenience, few reached at 6am others at around 6:30 am, parked their vehicles in parking area, added more sweets/biscuit packs in their travelling bag and the journey commenced in groups.

Image Image
The day was sunny and very clear so all could see far beyond Rawal Lake, up to Nilour Spur and other adjacent mountains clearly. There were no proper shops or cafes on the way up, fortunately all had water / juice bottles with them. And it’s suggested to newbies for this track to have some snacks before going to start hiking and lot of water if it is summer.
Everyone in multiple groups stayed on track and had rest for few minutes, also captured awe-inspiring views of Islamabad by using their mobiles and cameras. Advance parties reached in 2 hours and remaining in 2.5 hours at Pir Sohawa. All members waited for each other to join at this place and to choose a restaurant from two main restaurants nearby, Monal Restaurant and La’ Montana.
All decided to have breakfast in Monal Restaurant. While having excellent brunch at Monal Restaurant all shared their views about this trip, all felt their hiking trip to Pir Sohawa through Trail – 3 was really fruitful. None had thought before that Islamabad Tracks were so beautiful.