Data Science & Analytics Research Group

The data science and analytics research group focuses on the challenges associated with 5 Vs (Volume, Velocity, Variety, Value and Veracity) related to giant diverse data sets of various types like text, audio, video, images, graphs etc., generated from various domains like Banking, Healthcare, Airlines, Meteorological data, Medical Imaging data, Social Network sites, Online shopping sites etc. The main interest of the research is to find solutions for industrial problems that benefit businesses and enhance everyday human life. 

Active research topics related to data science and analytics are given below:

Management & Analysis of evolving graphsData quality and its aspects
Graph summarization
Large scale information integration
Web information retrieval and analysis
Spatio-temporal analytics
Recommender systems
Natural Language Processing
Semantic Web


Faculty Name Role
 Anab Batool Kazmi     Research Chair
Naveed Alam                                Team Member
Dr. Asia Anjum                                   Team Member
Zainab Yousuf                 Team Member
Samreen Ishfaq              Team Member
Zain Ul Abideen              Team Member
Sabina Irum                    Team Member
Iqra chaudhary               Team Member
M Rizwan                       Team Member
Sajid Munir                     Team Member
Abdul Kaleem                 Team Member
Humaira Batool               Team Member