NUML Writing Resource Center (NWRC)


Based on the 1st floor of Nazir Library (Central Library) of the Main Campus, the NUML Writing Resource Center (NWRC) was established in collaboration with UNT (University of North Texas), USA. It aims to provide the needful coaching to the academic writers from the faculty and students alike in polishing writing skills. The writers, scholars and researchers are strongly encouraged to schedule their visit/s to the center on their behest for;

1. One-on-one sessions of coaching with the tutors
2.Learning to write better
3.Task-specific guidance and help in the project/s

News And Events

Inauguration of Writing Resource Center on February 13, 2014

About NWRC

The NWRC supports the development of research-based writing projects for all members of NUML’s academic community. Mentors at the NWRC implement a student-centered instructional approach that stresses the value of attending to one’s writing process. This approach asks students and faculty to participate in a one-on-one conversation with their mentors about their successes and struggles as writers. Through these conversations, students and faculty develop critical strategies that lead to the production of more successful writing projects. We believe that the NWRC will foster a more dynamic and purposeful writing community at NUML and hope that our work together leads to a richer literate culture in Pakistan.


Following table shows the opening hours of the NWRC

Tutors’ Schedule


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