Curricullum Vitae

Dr.Naveed Akhtar,Ph.D

Associate Professer(Director QEC)

(HEC Approved Supervisor)

Director QEC

National University of Modern Languages


Address:House.29-D,Defence Housing Authority


Telephone Mobile:+923335156926




To apply my skills on coherence with my diverse academic and professional knowledge to make

worth contribution in the government sector & academics.

Book Published(Monograph) in UK and USA only

Akhtar,Dr.Naveed(2012).Achieving competitive Advantage though Organizational learning:

Concepts,Tools to explore the levers of organizational learning and Advantage LAP Lambert

Academic GmbH & CO.KG(UK & USA).ISBN:378-3-8484-9391-3


Ph.D - Management Sciences (Jan 2005-Dec 2009) from NUML, Islamabad, Pakistan

a. Course work for M. Phil leading to Ph.Dprogramme of 48-credit hours were taken during


b. Conducted six month research work in the areas of organizational Learning, strategy,

competitive advantage (January – June, 2007).

c. Courses taken during course work: Decision making & Problem solving, Research

Methodologies, Strategic HRD, Organizational learning, Total Quality Management, Business

Process Reengineering, and International Finance etc.

d. Qualified Gat-Subject test by NTS-Pakistan (GRE-SUBJECT TYPE), &Ph.D Comprehensive


e. Defended PhD Dissertation successfully on 29th of June 2010 and was awarded Doctoral


f. Brief on Publications:

Sr.N. HEC-Category of publication No.of Publication
1 Category-X 01
2 Category-Y 19
3 Category 05
4 Peer-reviewed 07
Total 32



Ali, L., Akhtar, N. (2014). An Analysis of the Gender Earning Differentials in Pakistan. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology 7(13). Maxwell Publications.


Rafique, T., Butt, F.S., Khawaja, A., Dr. Akhtar, N., Hussain, A., Bashir, M. (2013). Factors Effecting Job Satisfaction of Employees Working in Private Organizations: A case of Pakistan. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology.9 (February 2014).


Akhtar, N., Khan, R.A., Bahauddin, M. (2013). Exploring and Measuring Organizational Learning Capability and Competitive Advantage of Petroleum Industry Firms. International Business and Management 6(2).89-103. (indexed EBSCO)


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Mujtaba, B.G.,Sikandar A., Akhtar, N., Afza, T. (2012) Business Ethics of Pakistan in Islamabad and Lahore Provinces: Do Age, Gender and Data Collection Process Make a Difference? International Journal of Learning & Development (IJLD), 2(3), 325-341.


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International Conferences

1    Shah, T.H., Akhtar, N.A. (2012) Customer Expectations and Unexpected Norm, IEEE Conference Mar 2012

College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering NUST Islamabad, Pakistan

2    Akhtar, N., Khan, R.A. (2011). Attended 3rd SAICON Conference (ICMBEEE) at PC Lahore Pakistan.

Presented paper on “Empirical Linkages of Organizational Learning and Competitive Advantage”

3    Waheed, R., Akhtar, Dr. N., (2012). Cultural Values and Beliefs in Private and Public Organizations in

Pakistan: A Comparative Study. NUML ICBM, 12-13 December, 2012.

4    Qadeer, A., Khaqan, S., Akhtar, Dr. N., Baloch, Dr. A.W. (2012). Effects of Human Capital on

Organizational Performance. NUML ICBM, 12-13 December,


5    Akhlaq, A., Akhtar, Dr.N. (2012). Aftershocks of Work Life imbalance. NUML ICBM, 12-13December, 2012.

6    Khan,D., Shah, D.S., Akhtar, N., Shah, T.(2012). Information Technology: Its Affects On Organizational

Performance With Moderating Linkage of Employee-A Conceptual Framework. NUML ICBM, 12-13

December, 2012.

7    Khaqan, S., Qadeer, A., Akhtar, Dr.N. (2012). Effects of Leadership style on Organizational Performance.

NUML ICBM, 12-13 December, 2012.

Experience(Academic & industry)



March 2004-to-Date

Director Quality Enhancement Cell &Associate Professor - August 2016 to date

Associate Professor & Head of Department, March – August 2016

Associate Professor (2014-2015)

Assistant Professor (March 2011-2nd July, 2014), Faculty of Management Sciences, NUML Islamabad, Pakistan

Seven PhD & 7 M. Phil have successfully been produced

Processed NUML Journal for HEC - Approval/Recognition successfully

Ex Editor / Ex-Chief Editor NUML Journal of Business & Management.

Ex-Editor NUML Journal of Management & Technology (Published Seven Issues)

Convened NUML 1st International Conference on Emerging Trends in Business & Management

Convened NUML 2ndInternational Conference on Challenges in Business & Management (ICCBM), 10-11 December, 2014 (A research conference)

Supervising Five Ph.D students at NUML

4 X Chaired Conference sessions International /national

Supervised 20 Independent Research Studies at SZABIST University.

Designed Curriculum of M.Phil& PhD Programmes in 2011

Launched new syllabus of Learning organization PhD, Supply Chain Management PhD, and CISM( MSBA)

Started Weekend MSBA/MBA Programme

Designed SOP’s of PhD & MSBA

Chaired 120 MSBA theses/ & 120 Research Proposal of MSBA

Member Board of Studies at Islamic International University Islamabad, and Mirpur University of Sciences & Technology

Member Selection Board – MUST University

Member Academic Council NUML

Member - Ph.D reading & evaluation, and defence committee of NUML (2011-2015)

Member Ph.D admission committee of NUML (2011-2014)

Member M.Phildefence committee AIOU

Course taught at NUML University Course present teaching at NUML University
Decision Making & Problem Solving- Ph.D Strategic Management- MSBA
Leadership & learning Organization Ph.D
Compension Management-MBA & BBA Advanced Resarch Methodologies-MSBA

2004 (September) 2006(January)

-Taught at B.Com & I.Com classes at Islamabad College of Management & Commerce.


Visiting Faculty:

Guest Speaker (2011-2014):

A. Bahria University, Margalla Road, Naval Complex Islamabad

A. Secretariat Training Institute (Cabinet Division, Government of Pakistan) Delivered lectures to CSP officers

Subjects Taught (2008-2011)

Deliver lecture to senior government officers on following topics:

a. Strategy MBA

a. Decision Making & Creative Problem Solving

b. Entrepreneurship MBA

b. Organizational Behaviour/Vision/Mission

c. Management MBA

c. Performance evaluation

d. Human Resource Management MBA,BBA

d. Strategic Human Resource Management/Strategic Management

e. Compensation Management MBA, BBA

e. Research Methods

f. Research Methodologies BBA

B. Academy of Education Planning and Management (BPS 17-20)

B. National Defence University

a. Teaching Learning Environment

Strategic Management – M.Phil

b. Instructional Leadership


c. Team Management/Work

D. NUST (Military College of Signals - HRM

C. Ministry of Manpower Training Institute - HRD

Industry Experience (12 Years and 6 Months)


Sr. Medical Services Executive-Islamabad, &Sargodha Division (GlaxoWellcome Pakistan)

a. Managed, administered, controlled and coordinated Marketing, sales, and marketing research


b. Remained actively involved on-job and off-the-job training of individuals


Medical Sales Executive-Sargodha Division (GlaxoWellcome Pakistan)

a. Managed and coordinated sales and marketing activities of different areas with targeted

approach for the improvement of working and operations areas.

b. Conducted corner meetings with end-users

c. Communicated to the diverse groups, mix gathering highlighting benefits of products and services

1989- 1997

Territory Sales Officer-Rawalpindi Division/A.K (GlaxoWellcome Pakistan)

a. Conducted sales and marketing activities in different districts, and improved/enhanced

working and operations.

b. Increased relationship with end-user.

c. Highlighted features and characteristics that benefit the customer.

Areas of Interest

1. Organizational Learning/Learning Organization

4. Strategic Human Resource Management/ Strategic HRD/Strategic Management

2. Strategy & Competitive Advantage

5. Human Resource Management/HRD

3. Decision Making & Problem solving

6. Research Methodologies