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NUML’s shared intentionality with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) and global demands on quality-centric higher education helped to establish the Quality Enhancement Cell, to ensure enhancement of quality as its progressive mission. With our quality assurance framework that is in line with the framework of Quality Assurance Agency of the HEC, QEC is working hard to maintain the criteria of quality in all aspects of the university that affect the quality of learning and research such as, availability of competent and relevant faculty for quality of learning and research at all levels, relevance of curricula. Read More


Develop NUML as an eminent center of excellence for higher studies and research and ensure implementation of quality assurance practices as its progressive mission.

Head Message


The Quality Enhancement Cell is an essential component of NUML’s administrative and academic structure. It is linked with the Quality Assurance Agency of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, for implementation of quality enhancement policies and monitors the academic and administrative programs and functions to ensure that the internationally accepted standards are met and maintained.

We at the Quality Enhancement Cell are dedicated to maintaining an academically rich, quality-directed, research based and scholarship promoting environment in the university. Working with all the faculties Read More