Cross Cultural Patterns of Selfie Taking Behaviors
Date : 12-Apr-2024

Principal Investigator

Ms. Faiza Khalid


Department of Media and communication studies (FSS)

The Selfie Phenomenon has become a part of the culture, we take selfies while walking, talking, eating, exercising, tourism, etc. It has become a part of each and every activity of our lives. They have integrated socially in society. The study of selfie behavior can give insight into emerging trends in society related to the use of technology, self-expression, and image management. Certain aspects of human psychology, such as narcissism, self-esteem, and social comparison, may affect selfie-taking behavior. The researcher intends to study the cross-cultural patterns of selfie-taking behavior in Pakistan and the West. For the said purpose the researcher is doing a survey, please follow the link

Completed Activities

1- Data Collection and Preprocessing:

     Description: Successful acquisition and preprocessing of diverse datasets containing selfies from various cultural backgrounds.

2Cross-Cultural Analysis:

    Description: Conducting a comprehensive cross-cultural analysis to identify similarities and differences in selfie-taking behaviors.

Ongoing Activities

3Feature Extraction and Model Training:

    Description: Extraction of relevant features from the selfie datasets and training of machine learning models to recognize cultural

                          patterns in selfie-taking behaviors.

Future Activities

4- Model Validation and Accuracy Assessment:

    Description: Validation of machine learning models and assessment of their accuracy in recognizing cross-cultural patterns.

Completion Status

       30 %