Seminar on "Social Development in the Light of Holy Quran"

The seminar on “Social development in the light of the Holy Quran” was organized by the Department of Russian Language on 17th November, 2023.
The lecture was delivered by Dr. Shahbaz A. Khalid, Consultant Psychologist/Speech Pathologist/Innovator of Cognitive Neurotransmission Theory/Poet and Director of NSEC-HIC.
In his lecture, Dr. Shahbaz covered very important aspects of Muslim society regarding "Haqoq-ul-Ibad" and answered many questions related to psychology. He also gifted for Library the Collection of Poems written by him.
Professor Dr. Jamil Asghar Jami and Dr. Shakira Huma Siddiqui with Students of the Department of Applied Psychology delighted the seminar with their presence.
Professor Dr. Jamil Asghar Jami said to students very thoughtful and valuable words.