Empirical and Theory Based Research for Agile and Global Software Development (ETAG):

13 Aug, 2020
Description of Research:

There has been a growing interest in the role of theory within Software Engineering (SE) research. For several decades, researchers within the SE research community have argued that, to become a ‘real’ engineering science, SE needs to develop stronger theoretical foundations. Empirical software engineering on the other hand is a part of software engineering that focuses on gathering evidence, through measurements and experiments involving software systems (software products, processes, and resources).   This data is intended to be used as the basis of theories about the processes involved in software engineering. Empirical software engineering emphasizes the use of empirical studies of all kinds to accumulate knowledge. Empirical methods used include experiments, case studies, surveys, and using whatever data is available. The goal of this research line is to explore how empirical and theory based research techniques can be used to generate better software. Our research focuses on applying these empirical and theory based research techniques to solve SE problems related to

  • Agile Software Development
  • Global Software Development
  • Open source, Inner source, crowdsourcing
  • Software Intelligence

and any other topic related to software engineering domain.

Research Team is led by:

Dr. Huma Hayat Khan.