Welcome to Academics Department

The Academic Branch of NUML Hyderabad Campus is the central hub for all academic activities and administrative support related to education. It is responsible for overseeing the curriculum, managing class schedules, coordinating examinations, and maintaining student records. The branch ensures that academic policies and procedures are followed, ... Read more


"Fostering Excellence, Inspiring Futures: NUML Hyderabad's Academic Branch aligns with the vision of Islamabad Campus. We aim to empower learners, nurture innovation, and cultivate leaders equipped for a dynamic world. Through collaboration and cutting-edge practices, we shape a brighter tomorrow."


"NUML Hyderabad's Academic Branch is committed to delivering exceptional educational experiences that foster intellectual growth, critical thinking, and global citizenship. We strive to provide innovative programs, personalized support, and a vibrant learning environment conducive to academic and personal development. Our mission is to ... Read more


  •   Room: Room # 5 Ground Floor NUML Hyderabad
  •   Tel: 0223820490
  •   Email: saima.hassan@numl.edu.pk