Department of English (GS)


It is one of the largest departments of English in Pakistan. Being the major component of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at National University of Modern Languages (NUML), With a mission to cultivate our students’ professional expertise, critical thinking skills, and imaginations by means of studying language and literature, we make concerted efforts to prepare them for creating knowledge. Since all our programs are a combination of coursework and thesis, knowledge of the emerging trends in Linguistics and Literature as well as an understanding of the required theoretical underpinnings and methodological expertise that we teach them during the coursework are crucial in leading them toward various careers, and helping them practice public humanities to connect to their communities.


To enhance the potential of students for creating knowledge and developing competencies in English Studies by their grooming, focusing on creativity, critical thinking, and confidence building through quality education and counseling.


We seek to impart knowledge through creative pedagogy in a way that provides its students a firm grounding in the various areas of English Studies: literature, linguistics, language, and culture. While retaining links with the intellectual anchorage of the past, the pivotal point of our mission is to stay alive to the turns and needs of the fast-changing times and conduct innovative research. By expanding the students’ intellectual horizons, sharpening their critical acumen, and enhancing their communicative competence, the department aims to lead its students into the future with the right academic, social, and moral credentials.