Welcome to ITCON


Industry Technology Cell – ORIC NUML (ITCON) was established in August 2016 to enhance the academic and software development skills of the students during their degrees. It also helps to transform research and ideas of students, faculty and/or staff into commercially viable products.

In ITCON, students join to learn and then develop projects / modules in variety of state-of-the-art tools and technologies. Students are encouraged to come for internship to enhance their designing and software development skills as per availability of time after classes. In collaboration with software companies, we also work for commercial projects from the software industry and other organizations. Students may avail the stipend as per development efforts in respective projects. These development skills improve the student capabilities during the degree. It enhances the opportunities for job or new own startups with business ideas.

ITCON Page at NUML website: https://numl.edu.pk/ORIC/initiative/7


Flourish the professional development activities for students along with academic studies.

Linkage with software Industry to meet the challenging demands of software and mobile application development

Extend ITCON activities to play a vital role for Information Technology Park to flourish business ideas and startups by the students and faculty members 


Involve the students in professional software development activities as per their semester and level of skills learned.

Arrange awareness Sessions for the grooming of students

Meet up with industrial experts to collaborate in research and development activities


  • Enhance Professional Software Development Capabilities of Students
  • Transform IT based ideas of NUML faculty, staff, and students into commercially viable products
  • Facilitate NUML students, alumni, faculty and employees to support in commercial tasks and technology transfer
  • Improve Academic Courses with State-of-the-art Tools and Technologies
  • Develop the in-house and outsourced project modules by involving students
  • Reduce Industry-Academia Gap by enhancing skills on latest tools and Technologies
  • Facilitate students in getting job at Software Industry