Regional Director Message

Brig (Retd) Wajahat Hussain Sahi, SI(M)

  • Al-hamdolillah, NUML Lahore Campus is the fastest growing Regional Campus. Although our selection criteria is 45% marks, but through dedication and hard work of faculty members, we give knowledge, confidence, and discipline to groom our students as responsible EXECUTIVES, dedicated TEACHERS and visionary LEADERS. Instead of rote learning, we believe in Personality Development. We improve their communicative Skills and teach them how to carry themselves with confidence. 
  • Our main focus is to make LAHORE CAMPUS as CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE. In this regard RESEARCH is PRIORITY ONE area. Students and teachers have been provided with a conducive environment for RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT. Our student possesses International Vision. 
  • A balanced approach is being adopted regarding curricular and Extra-curricular activities. In every Semester a large number of students of this Campus getsity Scholarships. By the Grace of Almighty Allah, this Regional Campus is in competition with the renowned Educational Institutions of Lahore. We have the best lot of teachers who enable our students to compete in curricular activities with the oldest institutions. Extra- curricular activities give them confidence and keep them healthy, both physically and mentally. 
  • We can claim that our student has the ability to take up any responsibility in practical life.