Welcome to Department of Pakistani Languages


The Pashto department was established in 2002.Punjabi language was established in 2006 and the Balochi language was established in 2005. All these languages (Pashto, Punjabi & Balochi) were merged in Pakistani Languages department ... Read more


The vision for the Department of Pakistani Languages is to

  • provide opportunities for students to acquire languages and cultural competencies as necessary skills and knowledge,
  • create signature experiences for students such as faculty-led study abroad programs, structured internships, and service learning,
  • ... Read more


    The Pakistani Languages & Culture department is playing a significant role to promote Pakistani languages and culture in the country and abroad. We offer different programs both for Pakistani and foreigner students. Many foreigner students studied Pakistani languages like Royal Saudi Arabian, UAE, Korean, German, Chinese, Gordian, Australian ... Read more


    •   Room: Room No#26, New Jinnah Block, NUML Islamabad
    •   Tel: 051-9265100
    •   Email: hod-pl@numl.edu.pk