Development of AI based Framework for Social Capital Leading to Innovative Behavior
Date : 02-Feb-2024

 Principal Investigator 

Dr. Hina Shahab Assistant Professor, Department of Management Science (FMS)  


The research is aimed towards conducting predictive analysis on the path data explaining the role of higher education faculty organizational citizenship behavior in creation of social capital that would be resultant toward their innovative work behavior.

Completed Activites

1- Project Initiation:

     Description: The project initiation phase involved defining objectives, assembling the research team, and outlining the scope and


2- Data Collection and Analysis:

     Description: Data collection from relevant social networks and initial analysis to identify key variables influencing social capital and

                         innovative behavior.

Ongoing Activites

3- AI Model Development:

     Description: Development of the AI-based framework, including algorithm design, training data preparation, and model testing.

Future Activites

4- Pilot Testing:

     Description: Conducting pilot tests to validate the effectiveness and accuracy of the developed AI framework.

5- Paper Writeup

     Description: Write up of research article highlighting major contribution of research work  that may be submitted to well reputed journal.

Completetion Status

   50% Completed