Cyber Security and Network Applications Research Group

Networks are diverse, and the list of technologies keeps growing. The Research Group works on a wide variety of networking areas including network robustness, performance measurements, mobile, wireless networking (including underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSN)), routing, network analysis, Internet of things (IoT) and other allied areas. 

Together, these area’s form future internet and our primary focus is to study how these technologies are built. Moreover, our application domains of interest range from wireless networks to social networks to peer-to-peer systems. Network applications and research group has keen interest in designing and developing high performance routing protocols, monitoring and data collection algorithms for both wireless and sensor networks. The group aims to develop routing protocols and applications that are robust, cost effective and scalable and that can cope with emerging needs of reliable communications.

Faculty Name Role
Dr. Sajjad Haider                Research Chair
Dr. Atta Ullah                      Team Member
Dr. Fazli Subhan                 Team Member
Dr. Moeenuddin Tariq         Team Member
M Ehsan ul Haq                  Team Member
Mehwish Sabih                   Team Member
Sana Aurangzeb                Team Member