Emerging Trends in Computer Science Research Group

The research group focuses on emerging paradigm of software development and developers perspectives. Crowd Source Software Development, sustainable software, software quality is some of the emerging area in software development. This research group also aims to cover the emergence of crowd sourcing with other aspects of software development. The scope of the research group is to produce quality research on different aspects of software development by considering the various aspects of software parameters like software defects, bug finding, cyclomatic complexity, blockchain structure implementation through software and others. With all such perspectives, It also involves the usage, benefits, challenges and issues of various paradigms of software development. Some possible research topics are as follows: (however, the research group does not only limit to these)

Crowd source software development
Application of crowdsourcing in software development
Software Defect Prediction
Software Bug and Developer Perspective
Fake News Detection
Software Economic
Software Scope Management
Human Factors in Software development


Faculty Name Role
Dr. Noman Malik          Researh Chair
Shumaila Qayum         Team Member
Sadia Ashraf                Team Member
Imran Ahsan                Team Member
Mehwish Sabih            Team Member
Sajid Munir                  Team Member