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Dr. Hidayat Ullah Khan

  The Department of Economics took its humble start in 2003, with only one program and 27 students. However, it has pushed the frontiers and registered magnificent growth over the last two decades and so. Currently, it is offering several undergraduate programs like BS Economics, BS Economics & Finance, BS Economics (2 years), BS Economics & Finance (2 years), and graduate programs like M.Phil Economics and Ph.D Economics. The department is keen to launch new programs like MS. Development Studies (weekend program), and new majors/minors in Development Economics, Health Economics, and BS Labour Economics etc.   He...



•The Department of Economics, was established in 2003. •The department o...



Become a center of excellence in teaching and research in Economics with national as...



Offering environemnt and opportunities that prepare students to become accomplished p...


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  Room 13, 2nd Floor, Department of Economics, Ibne-Khaldoon Block, National University of Modern Languages, Sector H-9, Islamabad, Pakistan.