Department of English (UGS)


The department of English at NUML Faisalabad Campus was established in 2006. The establishment of the department is an extension of NUML efforts to make students learn English as subject and become proficient in written and verbal expressions. The English department offers BS and Masters Courses in literature and linguistic and other short courses such as Certificate/Diploma in English and IELTS both in morning and afternoon session. Our faculty is qualified, experienced and committed to impart quality education including use of language lab. We endeavor to improve literacy and linguistic skills and train students to become creative writer and encourage them to ask critical & insightful questions, thus contributes in developing their analytical ability too.


To enable the students to cope with the radical changes taking place in the field of knowledge. The Department stimulates humanistic learning and the capacity to respond rationally and imaginatively to literature and the life among the students. Through the advancement of knowledge, skills and human creativity, the Department prepares students to be independent and enlightened thinkers, professionals and opinion leaders of tomorrow.



The Department of English (NUML FSD Campus) was established in 2006. By virtue of its commitment to excellence at various levels of teaching and research is ideally positioned to be a leader in innovative approaches to language teaching. 

Our mission is to impart Vision to enhance the potential of students, faculty, staff and society at large, by bringing a positive change and growth in their personal and professional lives, focusing on creativity, self-enlightenment, personality grooming, true professionalism, confidence building, English language, Communication skills, public speaking and career planning through quality education & counseling, thus adding value to our Nation and ultimately the humanity.