Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science

Dr. Noman Malik

Computer Science (CS) and Engineering classes commenced in NUML, Islamabad in Jan 2002 and Aug 2006, respectively.  The Faculty of Engineering and CS (FE & CS) was established in October 2008. It is the youngest but most dynamic faculty in the university. Offering state of the art education in the most advanced fields of the world it has grown exponentially since its establishment. We are providing high tech education to the students from a blend of socioeconomic backgrounds.

The present era belongs to Telecommunications and CS. We are well aware of the rapid developments in this ever advancing field. We ensure and facilitate our students to get best education in these fields. Good and energetic faculty is the corner stone of our program. Our curriculum has been designed as per the national and international needs of the time. Class room teaching of theoretical concepts is fully backed by laboratory work and state of the art software learning tools. We prepare our students to face the challenges of 21st century with full confidence. The students are not only academically competent but groomed to become useful citizens of the world and serve the nation.

The faculty comprises of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Departments. Our BE Electrical Engineering degree has been accredited by PEC from very first batch of students. Programs of BS Computer Science and BS Software Engineering are accredited by NCEAC.

Faculty of Engineering & CS consists of following departments:

  • Department of Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Mathematics
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