Welcome to Registrar Office

Functions and Duties

  • Statuary Bodies Meetings (BoG & EC):

           Board of Governors

           Executive Committee

  • NUML’s Convocations
  • Prime Minister’s Citizen Portal (PCP)
  • Academic Calendar of the University
  • Compilation/Publication of NUML’s Annual Report & Rector’s Report
  • Correspondence with GHQ, HEC and other Govt. Organizations/NGOs
  • Nomination of Faculty for National & Overseas trainings/workshops
  • Implementation of Right to Access to Information Act 2017
  • Handling of Punjab Education Endowment Fund (PEEF) Scholarships
  • Coordination & conduct of foreign/national dignitaries, delegations & visits
  • Overall Registrar Office acts as a filter for all information/data flowing from & to NUML & outside world