Welcome to Administration Branch

Functions and Duties

  • Ensure implementation of Govt. policies/procedures relating to Administration matters.
  • Coordinate with various Branches/ Departments as well as outside NUML with various Govt. Departments i.e. GHQ/HEC etc.
  • Procurement of various types of stores including equipment.
  • Handling policy matters/SOPs.
  • Arrangements for conferences/functions/ seminars etc.
  • Discipline matters Faculty / Staff.
  • To make appointments of Faculty / Admn Staff including Regional Campuses.
  • Promotion / up-gradation matters of Faculty / Admn Staff.
  • Postings/transfers of faculty/Admn staff.
  • Renewal/extension of contract Faculty / Admn Staff.
  • Study/ex-Pakistan leave of Faculty/Admn Staff.