English (UGS)


The department of English offers BS and MA in English literature and linguistics programs both in morning and evening shifts. It has 31 faculty members including 2 Assistant Professors on board. The homogenous nature of the programs is maintained through the equal distribution of courses taught in language and literature.


The department seeks to foster knowledge and a love of literature and language in students. Keeping this in mind, we will cater students in all important areas with a harmonious curriculum and relevant, structured course choices. The department will serve a variety of literary, analytical, pedagogical, and theoretical skills. It will provide students an opportunity to speak, listen, read, and write effectively. They will be encouraged to think critically and to reflect on what they have learned. We will encourage and instill a love of learning and an appreciation for education.


The Department of English is committed to further the intellectual and cultural perspectives of its affiliated students, faculty, and the society at large. Through quality instructions and measures in place, it strives to sustain critical and creative thinking about literature, language, the world and to encourage habits of mind that can serve as the foundation for a variety of future careers for its students.