Regional Director Message

Brig Naseer Ud Din, SI(M), (Retd)

I welcome you all to the National University of Modern Languages (NUML), a top-tier university in Pakistan. NUML has achieved a lot of ground since its modest inception in 1969 as a language institute. It has developed into one of the most eminent universities of Pakistan. We offer degrees not just in languages but also in other disciplines ranging from engineering and computer sciences to management and social sciences. NUML is driven by a vision: to contribute to Pakistani society’s development. One of the key features, NUML believes, is making its students agents of social change. With our society almost at the brink of many social catastrophes, it is the bounden duty of NUML to play its most important role in nation building. Pakistan is unique in the sense that it is not just a country. It is an argument as well. We, therefore, want our students to be thought leaders in all walks of life. It is like sending antidote to all corners of a human body. We take our students to be this antidote against all those social evils that are ripping our country apart. There are times in a nation’s history when it needs to do a lot of introspection to make sense of its future direction. Our Pakistani Muslim society stands at one such juncture. NUML intends to contribute to this introspection in a most meaningful way. That is where the role of NUML in nation building becomes visible. It intends to equip its students to be able to make a conscious decision between right and wrong. It is this long social evolutionary journey that NUML has already started. 

You are welcome to join on this long journey of nation building. I encourage you to visit us and learn more about the opportunities that await you at the National University of Modern Languages. May Allah help and bless you. 

With gratitude to you all,